Complete Book of Tarot Spreads

Complete Book of Tarot Spreads - Evelin Burger, Johannes Fiebig

I loved this book and can see myself using it as a reference a lot in the future.

I liked how the authors stress the importance of each card having a positive and negative aspect, so it doesn't necessarily matter whether or not you pull it upright or reversed. Both aspects could apply.


The repetition of the idea that the tarot cards act like a mirror of the reader's life at that moment was good, too. It's definitely an idea to keep in mind when doing readings. I found it very interesting that these authors say the cards always refer to the present time, with the past and future always influencing the present.


"Every card may indicate that a task has already been accomplished or has yet to be taken on. The message...may be a warning, encouragement, or validation." (p. 34) At first I couldn't understand how this could be true, because it seems like it kind of cheapens the truth of the tarot. But then I thought back to previous readings where this could actually be the case. It really depends on the situation, because life is so complex and reality can manifest itself in infinite ways from infinite perspectives.