The Conquest of Bread

The Conquest of Bread - Peter Kropotkin, David Priestland

Kropotkin details how we might provide the essentials to all: food, shelter, clothing, leisure, and luxury. He says people should work 4-5 hours a day. He also says there are lots of people who work at harmful trades or are useless middlemen who could be put to more productive work. I definitely think this is still the case today. We have sufficient technology to get rid of a lot of middlemen.


"After bread has been secured, leisure is the supreme aim." Everyone has a right to leisure specific to their individual tastes. I'm so glad Kropotkin made this point. Fully-automated luxury communism is achievable!


There's also some good examples given here of people organizing according to need without the interference of government, like the Red Cross. When there is a need for it, people will come together and find a way without being told what to do.